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11 - 12 February 2020 

TAURON Arena Kraków

International conference for events production Professionals
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R&S Conference 2020

FOH Foundation is happy to invite you to Rigging and Structures Conference in Krakow, that will be held at Tauron Arena, on 11-12th Feb 2020.


In 2019, we have met for the first time at Gliwice Arena, to discuss and take care of the safety in rigging.

Next conference is more ambitious, it provides an overview of current norms, standards, best practices in rigging, scaffolding and trussing.


It is an event for whose who take seriously professionalism and safety at the entertainment productions.

​Its program includes workshops, seminars, panel disussions and industry games.

The event starts a conversation about professionalism, safety and growth of the events production industry in Poland and Europe in the following years.

It gathers promoters and contractors, project managers, crew managers, manufacturers, constructors, designers, all professionals concerned about safety and quality of production services.



Chris Higgs

Working with venues regulations and procedure,
(What venues need from riggers and what riggers need from venues)

Workshop Slinging trusses.

Bill Sapsis

Indeterminate Structure with Truss and Chain Hoists.

Cristiano Giavedoni

Rigging – Safety on machinery.

Workshop: Lifting and motion operations. Use Cases and requirements.

Jesse Cogdell

Workshop: Vectorworks: Braceworks

Marc  Hendriks

Towers and their loading capacity

Workshop: Why do we need ballast for outdoor structures.

Grzegorz Zatorski


Office of Technical Inspection: new reugulations governaning the exploitation of the machines


Workshop: Physics of the slings.

Rinus Bakker

Rigging of LED-screens. Structural classification and possible hazards.​

Workshop: Slinging trusses

Matthias Moeller

Technical Matters of Aluminium Truss and European Standardisation of CEN TC 433 “Entertainment Technology”.

Workshop: Electric chain hoist basics for the entertainment industry.

Maciej Wojciechowski


Polish regulations on safety of the entartainment productions

Uwe Runtemund

Workshop: Bad weather emergency plan for mobile stages and outdoor LED screens.. Installation and operation of mobile stages.


IGVW SQ P5 standard and beyond.

Dariusz Porada

Workshop: Personal protective equipment, conditions of use, new products, increasing user's comfort and safety.

Tomasz Karwat


Contractors responsibility for temporary technical installations, in the light of the latest legal requirements.



11 FEB Tuesday

Main program, Conference Room

08.30-09.00      Registration

09.00-09.15      Opening statements 

                         Alicja Głuszek (FOH Foundation), Krystian Sobota (Tauron Arena)

09.20-09.50      European Standardisation of CEN TC 433 “Entertainment Technology”

                         (Truss, Machinery, Stage Decks, Codes of practice), Matthias Moeller

10.00-10.30      Working with venues: regulations and procedures,

                         Chris Higgs (National Rigging Advisory Group/Total Training)

10.40-11.10      PLASA presents The Ups & Downs of Rigging, over 40 years -  a conversation with Robin Elias’                             Robin is  Chair of NRAG, NRC Internal Verifier and Assessor & Director of Unusual Rigging ltd’                               Nicky Greet Director of Membership Skills and Technical PLASA & NRC External Verifier

11.20-11.50      German Industry Standards: IGVW – Entertainment Technology,

                         Randell Greenlee (VPLT)

12.00-12.30      GVW SQ P5 standard and beyond., Uwe Runtemund (VPLT, DTHG)

12.30-13.15      Lunch break

13.15-13.45      Polish regulations on safety of the entartainment productions,

                         Maciej Wojciechowski (OISTAT)

13.55-14.25      Polish regulations rigging , temporary demountable strucures,

                         Wojciech Kordowski (Tuchler)

14.35-15.05      Office of Technical Inspection: new reugulations governaning

                         the exploitation of the machines, Grzegorz Zatorski

15.10-15.40     Design tools - braceworks, spotlight, Jesse Cogdell (Vectorworks) 

15.40-16.00      Coffee break

16.00-16.30      Indeterminate Structure with Truss and Chain Hoists,

                         Bill Sapsis (Sapsis Rigging)

16.40-17.10      Rigging of LED-screens. Structural classification & possible hazards, Rinus Bakker (Rhino Rigs)

17.20-17.50      Determining forces by hand, with squared paper and a geo triangle, Rinus Bakker

18.00-18.30      Basics of static analysis and Major rigging math, Adam Gaca (Rigg)

Workshops program

(obligatory sign up, limited number of participants 12 persons)

arena floor

09.30-10.30      Statically indeterminate loads - moving load. Measurements and                                                                               synchronization, Wojciech Kordowski.

11.30-12.30      Statically indeterminate loads - moving load. Measurements and                                                                                synchronization, Wojciech Kordowski.

14.45-16.15      Slinging trusses, Rinus Bakker

14.45-16.15      Slinging trusses, Chris Higgs, Total Training part of the Total Solutio Group.

room 1

11.00-12.30      Physics of the slinging, Grzegorz Zatorski.

13.15-14.45      Geodesy of Rigging, Tomasz Ropuch Łopuszyński

room 2

09.30-12.30      Braceworks -introduction, Jesse Cogdell

13.15-14.45      PPE and rescue, Dariusz Porada

16.30-18.00      Electric chain hoist basics for the entertainment  industry, Matthias Moeller

room 3

13.15-14.45      Insurance policy- introduction, Michał Wnęk

14.45-16.15      Rigging – Safety on machinery, Cristiano Giavedoni

16.30-18.00      Duties, responsibilities and rights- introduction to Polish industry regime for

                         organizers and producers, dr Alicja Głuszek (FOH Foundation)

12 FEB Wednesday

Main program, Conference Room

09.00-09.30      Technical matters of scaffolding or design of stage structures

                         (the issue of stability and statics), Krzysztof Ciołek, Layher

09.40-10.10      Best practices, procedures,  work flow system, lessons learned from the construction industry for                             events- procedures, Jarosław Czarny, Dariusz Kaczanowski,ARAD

10.10-10.40      Lifting and motion operations – Use Cases and requirements, Cristiano                                                                       Giavedoni (Blumano). 

10.50-11.20      Towers and their loading capacity, Marc Hendriks (Co-owner                                                                                       Sixty82,Yourplan)

11.30-12.00      Partial safety factors or global safety factor? Minimum evacuation width or maximum evacuation                               time? ANDBAR experiences Andrzej Barcewicz for the design, implementation and use of                                         temporary facilities in the light of regulations.,  Wioleta Barcewicz PhD, Andrzej Barcewicz MSc.


12.10-12.40      Technical Matters of Aluminium Truss, Matthias Moeller

12.40-13.30      Lunch


13.30-15.00      Rescue and safety simulation & PPE, Szymon Czopek

15.00-17.30      GAMES at the arena

18.00-18.15      Closure of the conference

Workshops program

(obligatory sign up, limited number of participants 12 persons)

room 1

11.30-13.00       Why do we need ballast for outdoor structures,                                                  Marc Hendriks

13.30-15.00      Bad weather emergency plan for mobile stages                                                 and outdoor LED screens, Uwe Runtemund

Arena Floor

10.00-11.30       TDS, Layher

11.30-13.00       Slinging trusses- Rinus Bakker

13.30-15.00       TDS,  Layher

room 2

10.00-11.30       Physics of Slinging, Grzegorz Zatorski

room 3

10.00-11.30       Responsibility of temporary technical installations creators                                          according the new Polish regulations, dr Tomasz Karwat

11.30-13.00       First aid, Szymon Czopek

room 4

09.30-12.30       Braceworks, Jesse Cogdell




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Access to the conferenece


TAURON Arena Krakow, Stanisława Lema 7 street, 31-571 Krakow

Public transport

Stop: Tauron Arena

Trams: 22, 4, 5,9, 52

Bus: 124